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Idioms by The Free Dictionary

November 13, 2019


(one’s) gameOne’s agenda, plan, or ulterior motive. I can’t figure out why Janet is suddenly volunteering for the position she said she would never do. What’s her game? Ah, so that’s their game: buy up all the competition and then raise prices however high they want.game1. adjective Interested in something. I’m busy right now, but Abby might be game to go to the mall with you.2. noun, slang Exceptional skill at a particular activity, usually a sport. Dude’s got game. I just saw him dribble out of a triple team.3. noun, slang The ability to successfully flirt with and seduce prospective sexual partners. That scrawny guy must have some serious game if he’s taking that hot chick home with him!game mod. willing to do something. Is anybody game for some pizza? See:(as) game as Ned Kelly(one’s) gamea (whole) new ballgamea confidence gamea different/new ball gamea game of musical chairsa game plana game that two can playa losing gamea mug’s gamea numbers gamea shell gamea totally different ballgamea waiting gamea whole new ball gamea zero-sum gamea/the numbers gameahead of the gameand a halfanyone’s gameas game as Ned Kellyat (one’s) own gameat the top of (one’s) gameat the top of gameat this stageat this stage (of the game)away gameback in the gamebadger gamebe (not) all fun and gamesbe a game of two halvesbe a mug’s gamebe ahead of the gamebe fair gamebe gamebe new to the gamebe not playing the gamebe on (one’s) gamebe on gamebe on the gamebe still in the gamebeat (one) at (one’s) own gamebeat somebody at their own gamebeat someone at his or her own gamebeat someone at their own gameblame gameblow this/that for a game of soldiersblow/sod this/that for a game of soldierscat and mouse, game of/to playcat-and-mouse gamechild’s playcomplete gameconfidence gameeasy gameend gameend of the ball gameendgamefair gameFootball’s a game of two and gamesgamegame facegame is not worth the candle, thegame is upgame is up, thegame ongame overgame plangame that two can playgame that two can play, that’s agame timegame, set, matchgive the game awaygo on the gamehas got gamehave fun and gameshave gamehave skin in the gamehave/put skin in the gamehide and seekhome gamein the gameit’s all fun and games until someone loses an eyelong gamelosing battle, amake game of (someone or something)mug’s gamename of the gamename of the game, thenew ball gamenew to the gamenot play that gamenumbers gameoff (one’s) gameoff gameoff your gameon the gameonly game in town, thepenny-ante game, aplay (one) at (one’s) own gameplay (someone’s) gameplay a losing gameplay a waiting gameplay cat and mouseplay gamesplay games (with one)play somebody’s gameplay someone at their own gameplay someone’s gameplay the gameplay the game, toplay the percentage gameplay the waiting gamepregameraise (one’s) gameself-preservation is the name of the gameshell gameskin gameskin in the gamestep up (one’s) gametake the game totalk a good gamethat’s a game that two can playthe end of the ball gamethe game is not worth the candleThe game is not worth the candle.the game is upthe name of the gamethe only game in townthe rules of the gamethrow a gamethrow salt on someone‚Äôs gametwo can play at that gametwo can play that gameTwo can play this gamewaiting gameWhat’s (someone’s) game?what’s somebody’s/your game?what’s your game?whole new ball game/ball of wax, ayour/somebody’s gamezero-sum game