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Upcoming Pokémon Anime Series Will Introduce A New Hero Alongside Ash

Step aside Ash, there's a new Pokémon trainer in town. Famitsu is reporting that the new Pokémon anime series (called Pocket Monsters in Japan) will feature a new hero who will be training alongside Ash, marking the first time that two characters will be front and center. The new trainer's name translates to Go, and he's 10 years in age. Ash obviously still relies on Pikachu as his go-to Pokémon, whereas Go is a bit more modern, selecting Scorbunny from the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games as his main.

The animated series debuts in Japan on November 17 on TV Tokyo. Odds are it will make its way stateside in the months ahead.

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Punisher, Blade, Morbius, And Moon Knight Come To Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Today

The first downloadable content pack for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order is out now. Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire adds four popular characters to the game's already-massive roster of playable heroes. The pack is out now as a part of the title's Expansion Pass.

Curse of the Vampire adds Punisher, Blade, Moon Knight, and Morbius to fight alongside the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and more. Those who purchased the Expansion Pass can also play a new mode: Gauntlet. In Gauntlet mode, you can join a team of four co-op players to tackle challenges one after the other to earn rewards. Once you beat Gauntlet, you unlock a survival version of the mode where you see how long you can last and where you land on the global leaderboards.

This first DLC pack launches alongside a free update for every Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 player. The free update adds new outfits for Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Thor, which you can see below. In addition, players who think they're worthy of a new challenge can attempt to play through story missions in a new “Nightmare” difficulty mode.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order launched on Switch July 19. For our review, head here. For more information on the development of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, check out our exclusive coverage hub.


Play online Girls Games for Free

About our Girls games:Type of games that many girls like to play but everyone can enjoy

Do you love the worlds of fashion and romance? What about cooking and makeovers? You’ll find thousands of titles devoted to these awesome activities right here and so much more! They aren’t just for girls, either. Anyone can play these games, whether you’re a boy or a girl, 8 or well past 80, still in elementary school or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Some people might call them “girly” but that begs the question: what sort of game does the average girl like to play? The first ones that might spring to mind are dress-up or makeover games, or ones that involve lots of kissing or baking delicious cakes in a virtual kitchen. Supernatural dating opportunities? You’ll find them right here! Are you in search of a fairy princess dress-up challenge? We’ve got plenty. There’s tons of these games in this category that will let you lend your fashion tips to all sorts of very stylish royals.
There’s also lots of quiz games too, but that’s not all! We know that girls, just like everybody else, enjoy other things that aren’t necessarily pink or pretty. You can find out what it’s like to be a game designer, go on a safari, or jump behind the wheel of a totally awesome race car. If you’re looking for a real challenge, you can also try out a management simulation game that will let you run your own restaurant, boutique, hotel, salon, or even a farm filled with super cute cows! You can get fit, train animals, and lots more with the hundreds of different games in this collection. Of course, there’s also plenty of opportunities to shop until you drop, improve your skills as a virtual hairstylist, or just go on a date with a prince.
Oh, and let’s not forget about all the kittens! There’s tons of games in this category that will let you dress them up in adorable outfits, give them a bath and groom them, or take them to a vet clinic for a quick check-up. There’s also plenty of puppy games as well if you’re more of a dog person. So what kind of games do girls play? All of them, just like everybody else! And we’ve got lots of them right here and they’re totally free for all to enjoy!


Shawn Layden Departs Sony Interactive Entertainment

From producer of software development to president of Japan's studio, Shawn Layden has worn many hats in his decades of working at Sony. His latest role was chairman of SIE's worldwide studios, and that will apparently be his last at Sony, at least for the time being. Sony announced today on Twitter that Layden was leaving the company.

It is with great emotion that we announce that Worldwide Studios Chairman Shawn Layden will be departing SIE,” the tweet reads. “His visionary leadership will be greatly missed. We wish him success in future endeavors and are deeply grateful for his years of service. Thanks for everything, Shawn!”

No other details were given regarding the departure or when it will take place.


Unboxing The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Collector’s Edition

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is rolling out today, and Bungie was kind enough to let us check out a copy of the collector’s edition and share details and pictures with you. Hop down into the gallery if you just want a glimpse of the goodies inside, or read on for some brief descriptions of what you can expect to find within. Most reports indicate the Collector’s Edition has been broadly sold out, so if you didn’t snag a copy, here’s your chance to see what you're missing.

The Collector’s Edition box opens up and immediately offers up a letter from Eris Morn, who writes to our Guardian of a doomed Golden Age expedition on the moon, and a mysterious power sought by the Hive. The opposite face of the letter includes a map of the First Light Mission Complex on Luna, with several areas circled.

The collector’s edition also includes both a digital code for an exclusive emblem and is supposed to include a digital soundtrack code, although I should note here that the soundtrack code seemed to be missing from our copy. Hopefully, that’s only a function of the early copy of the product we received, rather than an indication of what's going out to consumers.

Dig a bit deeper, and you get to other goodies, including a physical patch (depicting the same image as your new digital emblem), and a piece of Eris’ jewelry that recalls prayer beads in its look, which is contained in a cinched cloth sack that may remind some of a dice bag.

A “Codes and Procedures” book offers some lore goodness to dig into, and seems to detail information about the lost Golden Age expedition that once visited Luna.

A “Luna Journal” is also included, and it features a wealth of new lore for fans to dig into, some of which veers a bit into spoiler territory for Shadowkeep. Without delving into those elements, it’s enough to say that the journal has mostly blank pages, but scattered across the pages of the book are log entries from the mission to the moon. Within the front cover, there is also a postcard and similarly sized images that are meant to look like pictures taken during this mysterious mission.

The pièce de résistance in the Collector’s Edition is the Hive Cryptoglyph, which will certainly be the display piece you’ll have out on your shelf as you play through Shadowkeep. The detailed artifact includes actual twisting bands that feature Hive runes, and the whole thing is actually a puzzle to be solved and opened, but we'll leave the secret of how to do so up to you to discover, in case you're actively avoiding being spoiled. 

Take a look at the gallery below to see what’s included. And whether you sprung for the Collector’s Edition or not, best of luck on the Moon, Guardians!

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Definition of Game at Dictionary.com

1nounan amusement or pastime: children’s games.the material or equipment used in playing certain games: a store selling toys and games.a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.a single occasion of such an activity, or a definite portion of one: the final game of the season; a rubber of three games at bridge.the number of points required to win a game.the score at a particular stage in a game: With five minutes to play, the game was 7 to 0.a particular manner or style of playing a game: Her game of chess is improving.anything resembling a game, as in requiring skill, endurance, or adherence to rules: the game of diplomacy.a trick or strategy: to see through someone’s game.fun; sport of any kind; joke: That’s about enough of your games.wild animals, including birds and fishes, such as are hunted for food or taken for sport or profit.the flesh of such wild animals or other game, used as food: a dish of game.any object of pursuit, attack, abuse, etc.: The new boy at school seemed to be fair game for practical jokers. Informal. a business or profession: He’s in the real-estate game. Archaic. fighting spirit; pluck.adjective, gam·er, gam·est.pertaining to or composed of animals hunted or taken as game or to their flesh.having a fighting spirit; plucky. Informal. having the required spirit or will (often followed by for or an infinitive): Who’s game for a hike through the woods?verb (used without object), gamed, gam·ing.to play games of chance for stakes; gamble.to play computer or video games.verb (used with object), gamed, gam·ing.to squander in gaming (usually followed by away).to manipulate to one’s advantage, especially by trickery; attempt to take advantage of: The policy is flawed and many people try to game the system.RELATED WORDSinjured, play, sport, business, contest, tournament, competition, meeting, round, match, gallant, dogged, bold, hardy, inclined, disposed, prepared, spirited, eager, interestedNearby wordsgambol, gambrel, gambrel roof, gambrinus, gambusia, game, game bird, game chips, game face, game fish, game fowlIdioms die game, to die after a brave struggle. to remain steadfast or in good spirits at the moment of defeat: He knew that as a candidate he didn’t have a chance in the world, but he campaigned anyway and died game. make game of, to make fun of; ridicule: to make game of the weak and defenseless. off (or on) one’s game, Sports. playing very badly (or very well). not functioning (or functioning) at one’s usual level: She’s been off her game since she came back from vacation. play games, to act in an evasive, deceitful, manipulative, or trifling manner in dealing with others: Don’t play games with me—I want to know if you love me or not!play the game, Informal. to act or play in accordance with the rules. to act honorably or justly: We naively assumed that our allies would continue to play the game.Origin of game1before 1000; Middle English gamen, Old English gaman; cognate with Old High German gaman gleeRelated formsgame·less, adjectivegame·like, adjectivegame·ness, nounun·game·like, adjectiveDefinition for game (2 of 2)Origin of game21780–90; perhaps shortening of gammy, though change in vowel unclearDictionary.com Unabridged
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019Examples from the Web for gameThis is going to be the Game of Thrones of U.S. Senate races.Think of it as Game of Thrones—if you subtract the sex and violence and add drunken revelry and singing.And that gets to the heart of what makes the game so incredible: By staying silent, it turns the player into the game master.The game never congratulates me for my work, or even acknowledges it at all.The loss of this “expectation” game began his decline and ultimate withdrawal from the race.A minute or two after the game was over Mr. Westinghouse, the chaplain, came into the drawing-room.You made some capital shots, though, and if I hadn’t been so lucky, you would have come out the victor in every game.It was a game paradise, and the snow-shoe rabbit abounded in thousands.Kazan|James Oliver CurwoodThey had reached the village before Ned had began to speak of anything more important than the weather or the game.Hounds like Bluey and Brutus run by sight alone; they have no nose, and the moment they cannot see their game they are lost.British Dictionary definitions for game (1 of 2)game1nounan amusement or pastime; diversiona contest with rules, the result being determined by skill, strength, or chancea single period of play in such a contest, sport, etcthe score needed to win a contesta single contest in a series; match(plural; often capital) an event consisting of various sporting contests, esp in athleticsOlympic Games; Highland Gamesequipment needed for playing certain gamesstyle or ability in playing a gamehe is a keen player but his game is not gooda scheme, proceeding, etc, practised like a gamethe game of politicsan activity undertaken in a spirit of levity; jokemarriage is just a game to him wild animals, including birds and fish, hunted for sport, food, or profit (as modifier)game lawsthe flesh of such animals, used as food: generally taken not to include fishan object of pursuit; quarry; prey (esp in the phrase fair game)informal work or occupationinformal a trick, strategy, or deviceI can see through your little gameobsolete pluck or courage; braveryslang, mainly British prostitution (esp in the phrase on the game)give the game away to reveal one’s intentions or a secretmake game of or make a game of to make fun of; ridicule; mockoff one’s game playing badlyon one’s game playing wellplay the game to behave fairly or in accordance with rulesthe game is up there is no longer a chance of successadjectiveinformal full of fighting spirit; plucky; bravegame as Ned Kelly or as game as Ned Kelly Australian informal extremely brave; indomitable(usually foll by for) informal prepared or ready; willingI’m game for a tryverb(intr) to play games of chance for money, stakes, etc; gambleDerived Formsgamelike, adjectiveWord Origin for gameOld English gamen; related to Old Norse gaman, Old High German gaman amusementBritish Dictionary definitions for game (2 of 2)game2adjectivea less common word for lame 1 game legWord Origin for gameC18: probably from Irish cam crookedCollins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition
© William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins
Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012Idioms and Phrases with gamegameIn addition to the idioms beginning with gamegame is not worth the candle, thegame is up, thegame that two can play, that’s aalso see: ahead of the gameat this stage (of the game)badger gamebeat someone at his or her own gamecall someone’s bluff (game)confidence gameend gamefair gamefun and games give away (the game)losing battle (game)name of the gameonly game in townplay a waiting gameplay gamesplay the gamewaiting gamewhole new ball game.The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary
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