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Black Friday Deals 2019 Find All Discounts, Specials and Shops

December 19, 2019

Amongst the most long-awaited events for all shopaholics and lovers of promo deals is indeed Black Friday. When is Black Friday this year? We from will no longer put you on tiptoe with curiosity and inform you straightaway that the official start of Black Friday 2019 will be at 00:00 o’clock on November 29, 2019. Be ready as the number of stores participating in Black Friday event on this day is getting bigger and bigger, and the offers & promotions are now more alluring than ever. What is Black Friday? Let’s refer back to the 60s in America, where everything has started. Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays in the country, and the day that follows marks the beginning of the Great Christmas shopping. Americans’ obsession for shopping is proverbial, and on that day the price cuts are so tempting that shopping has turned into a kind of mass sport. People’s interest in bargains is so great that some employers even give their employees a day off. Why is it called “Black”? – due to the huge congestion that occurred. Which stores will participate in Black Friday 2019? As in previous Black Friday, the following shops will take part: Teljoy, Checkers, Game, Shoprite, Pick N Pay, Checkers Hyper, OK Furniture to offer you irresistible deals on everything you and your family need: electronics; phones; laptops; furniture; clothes for men, women and kids; cosmetics and many more. Due to the enormous interest, the specials run out quickly. Therefore, for your maximum ease, we have collected all the promotional brochures on our website, as well as on our mobile application. This is how with you will be prepared with your shopping list before the start of the campaign and you will avoid the risk to lose any specials. What do you have to do? Just follow the website of for further information or download our mobile app to make it even easier to find the biggest deals online or at your favourite chain stores. Advertising during Black Friday with Do you want to advertise on our Black Friday page? Contact us at: !Reserve your presence until the 10th of October and get 10% discount on all premium positions! For more information: